this website is dedicated to my lovely boyfriend, dorian! we have been dating since may 1st, 2021!

we met irl on may 29th-30th! and kissed in an ihop bathroom LOL

during december 1st thru 8th, we were together irl and he gave me a promise ring!!

youre my most special person. you are the reason i find the ability to wake up in the morning and get out of bed, youre the reason that i fight with my demons and i continue to try to win against them. youre the reason i keep fighting even when everything feels impossibly hard and i have nothing else to say but thank you. thank you so much for giving me this will to live and carry on despite the feelings of the world crashing down around me sometimes. thank you for listening to me when im having a crisis or need to vent, and for always giving me the advice i need to carry on through those moments. thank you for being someone that i can entrust with my darkest thoughts and feelings, someone who can tell me my past does not define me, someone who will tell me without hesitation that i need to fight and push onwards not only for myself but for those who love me. thank you, for being my future wife and someone ill wake up in bed next to every single morning. thank you for giving me thoughts of a future where ill roll over and see your smiling face first thing before work. ill be able to make breakfast for you and youll tell me how great it tastes.

nothing in this world could make me happier than you do in this moment. your eyes are so beautiful and captivating and when i see them, i swim in beautiful oceans and wash ashore in your heart. your smile is brighter than the sun itself and even more radiant than the moon, and your laugh is as mystic as stardust. you are the brightest light in the universe and ive been so so thankful to be with you on this journey called life. i want to marry you someday, truly, and show you that life has so many beautiful things to offer. thank you for being my boyfriend, my partner, my most special person in this entire world. you are the one person i dont want to spend a day without and i want to show you how special you are every single day for the rest of this life and the next ones. i cant believe ive been entrusted with your heart, my prince, i will hold it and cherish it dutifully and protect it from danger.

youre one of the few people i want to fight for forever. youre the reason i breathe and live on and why i fight no matter whats wrong. youre my most important person in this world and id do anything for you. i love you so much, dorian, and i cant stress enough how special you are and how much i want to have a beautiful future with you.